Vertical garden takes over the Crosstown

Image by Flickr user rrruuubbb

The vertical garden consists of a line of sheds, bins, and cabling at 134 Line St. and was designed by a group of architecture and landscape architecture students at the Clemson Architecture Center-Charleston.

The greatest challenge that the architecture students faced was creating a vertical garden that could support plants while also being screened from Crosstown's busy traffic. But they made it work with treated wooden supports and metal cables.

The vertical garden came with a price tag of $6,000, two-thirds of which came from the Clemson Architecture Center. The remaining one-third came from the Charleston Parks Conservancy. Many donations also came from a number of local businesses.

So the next time you're driving down the Crosstown, keep an eye out for the brightly-colored vertical garden--it's sure to make your drive a little sunnier.

The Post and Courier has a great in-depth report about the vertical garden; read it here.

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