Bicyclists push for bike path improvements along I-26

Image by Flickr user nafmo

Cyclist Chris Fraser is one of many bikers that are pushing for improvements to be made to the bike pathway that runs from Mount Pleasant Street to Line Street down the upper peninsula.

An initial study on the possible project was completed in May 2010 by the Charleston Civic Design Center--but no progress has been made since then.

While the project may be currently stalled, there are many that view it as a top priority. Director of Charleston's Department of Planning, Preservation, and Sustainability reports that the city itself sees improving the bike path as a high priority item, and the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments echoes this sentiment.

The bike path in question was created in the 1970s as part of Linear Park, so it makes sense that it needs some TLC. And the first step is cleaning up the path. If you're interested in helping clean up the area during the Trident United Way Day of Caring on September 9th, contact Vonie Gilreath at

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