Coffee Cave: The Best Kept Secret in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach’s finest coffee has been unearthed at the Coffee Cave! 

Vacationers and locals alike when entering into the Coffee Cave will enjoy a truly one of a kind indoor experience. The vines covering the archway immediately draw your attention to the streaming waterfall overhead. As you walk over the bridge, the foliage blends into the rich eye-catching green walls. In a distance the hammock chairs invite you to sit while indulging your palate with one of the original concoctions from the talented baristas.

Other Myrtle Beach patrons who are in need of a break from the chaos of daily life, escape to the Cave simply for a few stolen moments of relaxation. After crossing the threshold, you’ll can’t help glancing at your reflection in the mirrors on the walls. Then, you may notice you are surrounded by fellow patrons, all with their feet up. The living room style couch of luxurious soft black leather provides comfort for three Myrtle Beachers.  While across from the coffee table are two vacationers kicking back in leather recliners.

Around the perimeter of the room, your eye will see businessmen and college students with laptops stretched out in the leather reclining chairs appreciating the 30-minute full length massage.  Even the ottomans pulsate for the calves. Ghirardelli chocolates and biscotti cookies lay half eaten on the tables beside them.

Several families are seated at the tables while the kids sip on refreshing smoothies and eat tasty treats from the cereal bar.  They laugh and engage in family banter.

As you recline, you may notice the touch of outdoors from what appears to be skylights. The illuminated branches of palm trees seem to sway as the clouds roll past. Ever so relaxing. Everyone is chilling out as they listen to the sounds of the waterfall and light music.

Discover the Myrtle Beach’s Coffee Cave for yourself! Once you enter the Cave, you won’t want to leave. Make sure to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

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