Alluette's offers something deeper than food

The Post and Courier returned to Alluette's Cafe and found something that goes beyond food.

The restaurant has already been reviewed many a time but the paper seemed to be most taken with the spirit of the cooking and the Southern roots from which it comes.

An excerpt:
While it openly welcomes vegans and vegetarians on its menu chalkboard, it serves fish and chicken dishes, but emphatically does not offer pork. The salmon is wild-caught, the shrimp is local, and the chicken is hormone- and antibiotic-free. No meat is used in the lima bean soup or the seasoning of vegetables, which aren't cooked until limp. Produce comes primarily from Fields Farms on Johns Island. Bread is baked at Saffron in Charleston.

It is food not only for the soul, but also the body and mind. The three, after all, are intertwined.

It's a good article, so go read it. And then stop by 80 Reid Street to experience it.

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