Someone has a fish bone to pick with Hyman's Seafood

Image by Via Facebook Spotted cruising King Street, along with pamphlets around town.

Charleston Eater spotted the above photo capturing the remarks of someone who's quite disgruntled with local tourist mecca Hyman's Seafood.

"Warning: Hyman's Seafood sells products that do not meet FDA guidelines", reads the sign. We can't speak to the validity of the claim, but Hyman's is no stranger to controversy, but this is the first time we've heard woes over the integrity of the ingredients. 

Details are sparse on just what has motivated this person (or persons) to wage such a campaign against Hyman's Seafood, but if you know more, drop us a comment or e-mail us at

The FDA maintains extensive guidelines on seafood production from bacteria levels to metal levels to species types to toxins, so without more information from either the complaintant or Hyman's on this one it's a little hard to know what might be at issue — though as whenever one eats seafood, if you have weakened immune system or allergies, be sure to ask your server any pertinent questions.

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