MBRN's Sassy Server: dishing out dining 411

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For the past few months Myrtle Beach Restaurant News has been featuring a column written by a Grand Strand server called The Sassy Server.

The Sassy Server's mission is to tell the do's and don't's when dining out and sharing horror stories that most who've worked in food & bev can relate to. Though the server's real name is not revealed nor is 234 where she works, her insight is of great value to diners who don't know how to act, but more importantly the Sassy Server's column serves as a guide post for what most servers go through on a daily basis and tends to bring back fond memories (and nightmares) for those of us who used to work in the world of restaurants and tips. 

You can check out the Sassy Server archives by clicking here, or read her most recent column here

Some of my favorite past columns are:

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