Chick-fil-a Seaboard Commons brings Mom's Valet service

We are excited to launch a new service at Chick-fil-A  Seaboard Commons that caters to the needs of a busy mom.

We know it can be a struggle sometimes to get all the kids out of the car, into the restaurant, place an order, find a table, and gather any condiments you might need for the meal.

We've got you, Mom!

We want to simplify this process. All you have to do is go through the drive-thru, place your order, and come inside. We do everything else! Your table will be set up for when you come inside. When ordering in the drive thru, you will tell the cashier you would like to do Mom’s Valet. Tell the cashier how many highchairs you will need, if any and also any condiment requests. Someone will set-up your table as you are getting out of your car. The video below illustrates just how it all works.

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