Myrtle's Market will return this Spring

Robert S. Donovan
Peaches from a South Carolina Farmer's Market in Anderson, SC

Update 4/10/2011: Myrtle's Market lauches new website and facebook page. The Alternatives News Magazine has a good write-up on the market and Johnny Graham. 


Johnny Graham stepped forward with a comprehensive business plan after the City of Myrtle Beach decided to no longer fund or manage the property. 

Despite millions of dollars in questionable expeditures for marketing efforts, the City of Myrtle Beach decided last year to cut the $25,000 required to run the local farmer's market. When the market closed for the season last year, the outlook for re-opening was grim. Then Johnny Graham came to the rescue!

Under the new management, the City of Myrtle Beach's only farmer's market will accept credit and EBT cards. In addition to being open year round with longer hours, the market will open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

The Sun News has a detailed account of how Johnn Graham was selected to run Myrtle's Market.

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