Scott's BBQ: All the reasons you need to go to Hemingway

John Edge recently journeyed to South Carolina's tucked away town of Hemingway to do a report on Scott's Bar-B-Q for The New York Times'.

Read more stories on this subject in our BBQ topic page.And disappoint, this article does not.

If you're not hungry after reading the first several paragraphs ... well then you must not like BBQ.

But this review isn't so much about the spicy vinegar-based BBQ itself, but rather about the waning way of life that supports this traditional eatery, a microcosm of local.

So go on and take a read of the article and be sure to check out the audio slideshow -- and do take a look at this plate of pork.

Oh, and when you're flipping through the article, do note that many of the images were taken by Charleston photographer Peter Frank Edwards.

If you'd like to journey out to Scott's, Google says it will take two hours and twenty minutes from downtown Charleston. (843) 558-0134.

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