Bubbles and Hats Kick Off CFW Celebrations with a Bang

Image by Karen Briggs Fizzy frocks designed by Art Institute students bounced about Tuesday Night at Social's "Bubbles Galore" Fashion Week After Party.

On the tail of an exciting first night of shows, attendees poured out of Charleston Fashion Week tents Tuesday night to partake in some well deserved after hours debauchery. 

It’s worth noting that this season’s soiree list, for the first time, showcases events planned by local venues and agencies outside of Charleston Magazine.  Participants came up with some seriously creative ideas to win the bid for one of two nightly “official” Fashion Week after parties.  The resulting line up is a fresh breath of celebratory air with some new and welcome venues (we’re talking to you Tivoli) on the party block.

That being said- back to last night’s debauchery.

Teetering in mile-high heels on the cobble stone part of town, we made our way to the first fete of the night, Social Restaurant + Wine Bar’s “Bubbles Galore”.   Event organizer and Social proprietor Brad Ball orchestrated the effervescent affair around the recent launch of his “La Bubby” champagne, a delicious elixir if we do say so ourselves. 

The “La Bubbly” logo was projected in bright lights, nicely framing the second story window behind which the oh-so-fly DJ’s Joycette & K-Flo$$y spun throwback dance tunes all night long.  (I’m talking Ace of Base.  I’m talking early 90’s booty shaking.  I’m talking incredible).  While I do wish they were in more plain sight (people kept looking around, wondering if there were actually DJ’s about), we understand it is downtown and space is a commodity.

Also keeping a bounce in our step was the delightfully whimsical, bubble inspired clothing line designed by local Art Institute students for the event.  Social servers and barstaff bopped about in barely there frocks teaming with fizz inspired adornments as we made our way to the upstairs loft-turned-VIP lounge.  Dancing the evening away, we spied some standout characters among the stylish minions.  Emerging Designer Van Hoang was spotted mingling with Charlotte Hess, who sported some to-die-for goldfish earrings of her own creation.  Also in attendance were Stephanie Mejia and Eleanor Morgan, who’s lines will show on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.  

Next up was a stop by “Mad Hatter”, Torch’s contribution to the Tuesday night line up.  Maybe it was the ever-present smoke, over done fog machines or bongo drums from DJ Klipart, but we left feeling a bit underwhelmed by the festivity.  Aside from staff, only two attendees were seen wearing Alice in Wonderland attire, making the whole affair seem very similar to any Tuesday night at the hookah bar.  We will give kudos to the decision to open the back of the venue to guests, where a lovely tent, smoke respite, lounge furniture and a separate bar were in place.  We hope this space will become a regular addition to the venue. 

After having our fill, we made our way back to Social just in time to grab one more flute of fizz and dance the evening away with veteran CFW crew Ayoka Lucas, Michael Knight, Julie Wheat, Marcus Amaker and others.

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow to hear all about tonight’s naughty Bedhead” party at NV and Michael Knights secret location, down-the-rabbit-hole gathering after.

See you under the tents!

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