Black Civil War soldiers getting recognition in S.C.

Image by Flickr user tcd123usa

Historian, Robert Bohrn, has been working with South Carolina to erect a historical marker that will give recognition to the black Union troops. The marker is planned to go up on Folly Island near the site where Bohrn and a fellow Civil War relic hunter found the remains of a black Union soldier 20 years ago.

Bohrn hopes that the marker will be erected at Folly Island's Community Center on May 8, the 23rd anniversary of his discovery.

"When you see that guy laying here, who never had a change to go home, who never saw his family, that saddens me," Bohrn said. "It has always been my dream to have an historical marker put on Folly."

The LA Times has more on Bohrn's discovery and the historical marker plans; read it over here.

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