Get a cash rebate for switching to energy-efficient appliances (updated x2)

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Update April 1:

According to The State, contractors exhausted their $1.95 million portion of the cash-for-appliance-clunker rebate program today at 1:19 p.m. today.

Update March 31:

The federally funded rebates for energy-efficient appliances went into effect today at 7 a.m. in an effort to take energy-guzzling large appliances off the power grid.

Have a clunker of an appliance that has been jacking up your energy or water bill? Now is the time to take advantage of the $3.9 million in federal funds and purchase a dish washer, refrigerator or heating and air units.

The State reports:

With a $400 rebate from the state, a federal tax credit and a $300 credit from SCE&G for switching from electric to gas, consumers can save big. "You have the potential of saving around $1,500..."

Get the whole story as well as a quick look at the basic facts about the appliance-rebate program over at The State.

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First reporting:

South Carolina is receiving $4 million in an energy efficiency rebate program.

What's the big whoop you ask?

Residents who replace old appliances with Energy Star products will receive rebates from $50 to $500 beginning in March 2010.

Here's all the details from the e-mailed release (along with the individual rebate amounts):

Federal Program to Give SC Residents
Rebates of $50 to $500 on Energy Star Appliances

South Carolinians who want to replace old household appliances with new energy-efficient models will receive discounts of $50 to $500 this spring under the state's planned "Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate" program.

The rebates for new Energy Star certified refrigerators, dishwashers, hot water heaters and other appliances are funded by South Carolina's share of the $300 million in federal stimulus funds being distributed to each state for appliance rebates. A total of $3.9 million will be available in South Carolina for rebates.

For appliances bought in a store, the rebate will be applied instantly when the customer goes to the register. Installers of whole-house equipment such as water heaters and HVAC systems will reserve rebates online and then provide customers with mail-in forms. An electronic system will track each rebate issued.

"This is a great opportunity for South Carolinians to save money at the store and every month when they open their utility bill," said John Clark, director of the SC Budget and Control Board's State Energy Office, which is managing South Carolina's rebate program. "We expect that interest will be high and that funds could be exhausted in a matter of weeks,"

Rebate levels were determined based upon the cost difference between a standard and an Energy Star appliance. Energy Star qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50 percent less energy and water than standard models.

The rebates will be available only to South Carolina residents making purchases in South Carolina stores and contractors. The program is expected to launch in March and will continue until all funds are exhausted.

Customers who purchase a new appliance must turn in the old item. Stores and contractors participating in the rebate program must agree to recycle all old appliances in accordance with standard industry practice. Recycling is required to ensure that inefficient appliances are removed from the power grid.

Additional details, including the exact launch date for the program, will be announced in coming months. For regular updates please visit

Products to be Rebated Rebate Level ($)
Clothes washers $100
Dishwashers $50
Refrigerators $50
Room Air Conditioning Units $50
Central Air Conditioning Units $200
Heat Pump $500
Gas Furnace $500
Gas-Condensing Water Heater $400
Electric Heat Pump Water Heater $400
Hi-Efficiency Gas Storage Water Heater $100
Hi-Performance Gas Storage Water Heater $200
Gas Tankless Water Heater $400
Solar Electric Water Heater $400
Solar Gas Water Heater $400


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