With a development deal, the Bogarden community garden is closing

Image by Bogarden

The downtown Charleston community garden that is the Bogarden took root in early 2010, but after nearly two years it is coming to an end.

The Elliotborough land at the corner of Rutledge and Bogard street was leased for the community to use while the owner bided his time to construct three homes, and with local construction and development rebounding, the time came.

In a parting blog post the organizers wrote, "At the end of last year we were notified that the lot was going to be built out with three homes as originally planned. We decided to do one last planting for the fall/winter and make the best of it before the garden needed to be moved. Even if it was bittersweet, the last few months of the garden still provided adventures for the few remaining souls participating."

That post goes on to pass tribute to what the garden meant to the community and offer photos of memory past, you can see it all over here.

If you're only just hearing of downtown community gardening, know that the nearby Elliotborough Community Garden remains open.

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