About the bridge run traffic

Image by Flickr user huskyboy

As you no doubt know, tomorrow is that annual Cooper River Bridge Run. What you may not have all the details on is how the roads are being closed.

Now, while much of downtown has been unofficially closed today, parts of downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant will see closures from about 6 a.m. until the race route clears around 10-11 a.m.

Also note that Charleston will start towing vehicles along the race route starting at 4 a.m.

In Mount Pleasant


  • 6:15 Southbound pedestrian lane on the bridge will be closed.
  • 6:30 Coleman Boulevard from Chuck Dawley to start line closes.
  • 7 Ravenel Bridge and rest of Coleman are closed.
  • 9:30 to 10 Southbound on Ravenel Bridge opens.
  • 10:30 northbound on Ravenel Bridge opens.
  • Coleman reopens when starting line cleared


In Charleston

  • Calhoun Street, between King and East Bay Streets, will be closed at 5 AM. Calhoun Street will be closed from King Street to East Bay Street until the participants are in a manageable location and out of the roadways, streets are cleaned and bus traffic are safely able to be managed, hopefully before 1PM.
  • Meeting Street will close at 5 AM from John Street to Wentworth Street; NOTE: George Street will have limited access to the parking lot between King and Meeting Streets only from King Street prior to 7AM and will not re-open until King Street is open following the race.
  • The Race Route and support streets will be closed at 7 AM until the participants are finished and the roadways are cleaned.
  • Meeting Street will be closed from Romney Street to Woolfe Street and John Street to Hasell Street with early openings following the participants safely off the route and the route cleaned.
  • Woolfe Street will be closed form Meeting Street to King Street
  • King Street will be closed from Spring Street to Wentworth Street
  • Wentworth Street will be closed from King Street to Meeting Street
  • An alternative route will be made to allow traffic to flow north and south around the west side of King Street to ensure traffic can move easily around town. Traffic east of Meeting Street will have full access to East Bay Street to travel to the Lower Peninsula and elsewhere. The Charleston Police Department has perimeter traffic control setup on entrances to the route and will be working to minimize your confusion.


If you want to keep up on the very latest, watch the Charleston Traffic hashtag and Bridge Run hashtag.