Last call to register to vote in South Carolina

Image by Flickr user Big Dubya

Still need to register to vote or update your registration? Well if you'd like to vote in the November 2 elections Saturday, October 2, is last call.

If you're ready to register, your can find out what you need to do to register to vote on And if you're not sure about the status of your registration, check that here.

If you need to make a change you should either send in a voter registration form, or do a change of address form (only if you've moved in county, out of county you need to re-register) and get it to your county registration office in person, by e-mail, or postal mail (stamped by October 2), links to requisite info:

You can also use this form to find out where your precinct to vote is.

You can check out the S.C. Election Commission's list of general election candidates here. A county-by-county list of candidates will be on the Election Commission website 'soon.'