North Charleston rail plans to be reviewed at public port oversight meeting (update: meeting held)

Image by Flickr user redyamflan

Update March 12: The meeting was held and it doesn't seem to hold much surprise: The commission didn't have much love towards the North Charleston-CSX rail plan.

While a bit irate in tone, the Charleston City Paper's Greg Hambrick has a nice report; read it here.

Though I should point out that the paper has been pretty clear in its lack of love for running more rail around the river side of Park Circle.

First reporting March 9: Whether you want to make yourself heard, or if you want to see more detailed information about the two competing North Charleston rail plans, consider a visit to the meeting of the Review and Oversight Commission of the S.C. State Ports Authority.

The group will review both plans from the CSX-North Charleston joint plan and the S.C. Commerce Department plan. While the group has no official role in selecting the plan, their desires and suggestions will be a key current in the battle.

The meeting is Friday, March 11th, at 11 a.m. at the Holiday Inn on International Boulevard in North Charleston; map.

The Charleston Regional Business Journal has a nice preview of the meeting and factors in play; read it here.

Turnout and ruckus at the meeting will be interesting — many past meetings have had a quite vocal North Charleston turnout against the S.C. Commerce Department's plan to run rail along the north side of town, while new opposition has sprung up against North Charleston's plan by a group representing the more southern interests of the Union Heights and Chicora-Cherokee neighborhoods.

But the commission seems to be prepared and is making folks RSVP to talk — detail on that over at the end of the Business Journal report.

If you'd like to know what to expect from the proposals, check out this request for proposals.