This week in CBX: A triple tag-team of Terrapin stouts (update: Wake-n-Moo Redo!)

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Update, January 24: It's that time again, though a little later in the calendar this year. 

The CBX crew will be offering Wake-n-Moo, as well as Wake-n-Bake and Moo-hoo individually, on the growler station for Rare Beer Tuesday at 5 p.m.!

First reporting: Rare Beer Tuesday has never been as dark, roasted, and Athens-y as it will be this Tuesday at 5 p.m., when the Charleston Beer Exchange gang will throw three (3) limited edition stouts from Georgia's Terrapin Beer Company.

First up is Moo-Hoo, the newest Terrapin seasonal.  This puppy is a milk stout brewed with both cocoa nibs and shells.  Before you get any wild ideas of dairy in your beer, milk stout (a.k.a. sweet stout) is style that uses lactose as a fermentable sugar.  This imparts a particularly creamy mouthfeel to the brew, which is all too perfect for chocolate.  6% ABV, B+, 97.

Next is the 13th and newest member of the Side Project series, Big Daddy Vlady's Russian Imperial Stout.  This is a popular style for big brewery-only or limited releases, like Blackbeerd from our hometown heroes at COAST.  Being stuffed full of ingredients make them relatively expensive to brew or buy, but the depth of flavors can be astounding and the high alcohol content make them great candidates for the cellar.  10.25% ABV, B, 95.

Batting cleanup is Wake-n-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout, a permanent fixture in the Monster Beer Tour series named after the Jittery Joe's coffee blend used in the brew.  The name really says it all here - an imperial stout brewed with coffee and oatmeal.  It's as delicious as it sounds.  8.6% ABV, A-, 99.

As if you didn't have enough stouts to choose from, the CBXers will also fill your growler with "Wake-n-Moo," a 50/50 blend of Wake-n-Bake and Moo-Hoo that is guaranteed to satisfy every guilty urge your palate never knew it had.  If you want your NYE dark, decandent, and foamy, you probably need some of this.

Charleston Beer Exchange makes friends and influences people at 14 Exchange Street downtown.

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