The spooks come out to play at tomorrow's opening of 'Fright Nights'

Image by Flickr user Adam Foster | Codefor

Boone Hall Plantation's 'Fright Nights' are back, and the annual spookfest is officially open for business on October 1st.

Touted as South Carolina's largest multi-attraction haunted event, 'Fright Nights' is definitely worth the trip up Highway 17.

Here's what's in store for unsuspecting victims this year:

  • Bloodstone Manor: a lair for today's most vicious bloodsuckers who feed on more than just the blood of mortals.
  • Fright Stalkers Corn Field: in the darkness of night, this dense cornfield comes alive with evil beings looking to feed on the fear or anyone who dares venture within the tall stalks.
  • The Body Farm Haunted Hayride: riders go deep into an isolated park of Boone Hall's woods that has been cursed with so much horror and death that is has now become known as 'The Body Farm.'
  • Psycho Clowns Side Show: these deranged performers, after being rejected and banished from ever performing again in a legitimate, professional show, want to use you as their entertainment.

Tickets to each individual show are available either online or at Boone Hall Plantation. If you're really feel brave, you can buy a pass for $25 that gives you admission to all four attractions.

Hours of operation for 'Fright Nights' from dark until midnight  on Friday and Saturday,
and on all other nights, from dark until 10 p.m.

Boone Hall Plantation is located at 1235 Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant.