Neko Case playing a solo show at the Farm (update: show postponed)

Image by Flickr user Guus Krol

Update August 5:

Citing exhaustion from touring non-stop for 18 months, the August 16th Neko Case performance at the Music Farm has been postponed and might be rescheduled in the fall.

This is the post on the Music Farm's website regarding the decision: "Due to an overextended work schedule , singer-songwriter Neko Case sincerely regrets that she will be postponing her previously scheduled August concert dates. Having been on the road non-stop since January of 2009, Neko will be taking some time off before hitting the road again this Fall. She wishes to apologize to her fans and let them know that she greatly appreciates all their support."

First reporting:

Neko Case, known for both her solo career and her membership in the group The New Pornographers, is playing a solo show at the Music Farm come August 16th.

Case's latest album, 2009's Middle Cyclone is a fantastic record that debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts in its first week of release, and rated it the number one album of 2009. Some great tracks to get you acquainted with Case's style are "Middle Cycle" and "People Got A Lotta Nerve."

The show is set for 8 p.m. and tickets are on sale now for $23 each.