The Midnight Ace comes to visit his Electric Friends

Calico Graves, known as The Midnight Ace, packs his beats and sets his lights up in Charleston tomorrow night at The Music Farm.

Tomorrow nights roster boasts many local familiars like Matthew Bowers, Jeff ET + Nick De Nitto from the Electric Friends, and Caleb Strickland (VJ ESP).

The City Paper has more on this Pinecone Production here

The Midnight Ace is also an ace-in-the-hole. He is a philanthropist in his own right and very active in the Asheville Twestival scene. How could you not support a guy that says,

"I don't mind helping people who help their community. I'm not saint but I do what I can."

For anyone that does not know the story behind the Electric Friends (from Facebook):

The three founders of Electric Friends first met at Blume Art/Music Festival, spinning sets individually and realizing a mutual love of music with common goals regarding dj-ing and production.

Tickets to the show are $15 in advance and $17 at the door. Get yours here.