Saturday is International Pillow Fight Day at Marion Square (update: video in)

Image by Flickr user WarzauWynn

Update April 3: The Post and Courier dropped by for the goofiness and caught a quick video of the 40 or so people slapping away with pillows; see it here.

First reporting: Charleston is joining 146 cities around the world on Saturday, April 3, for International Pillow Fight Day. -- That's right a bunch of people are gathering to whack each other with pillows.

Here's the deal: Be at Marion Square at 2 p.m. with a pillow, and have fun and scare the bewildered onlookers. 

Here's all the nitty-gritty from the event post:

Its that time of year when we all have a few bricks on our shoulders that we need tossin off. What better way than a good ol fashioned pillow fight! One of our members had a great idea of joining the international pillow fight at Marion Square this Sat at 2pm. On Saturday April 3rd 2010, there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world! Whats better than to beat the grins off 1000's of strangers with a pillow? Nothin I can think off! I need Ideas of where to meet before the event, maybe a LIGHT lunch...we don't need no puke-n-rally Also, jammies are indeed welcome! I myself will be looking for a onesy...yes you heard me...I will be fashionably dressed in a onesy while strolling around Charleston. But keep in mind, this is a clean event. Since we will be holding this in a park, it is asked that we help clean up afterward. Please be aware that this is a BYOP event and please wack responsibly. (Bring Your Own Pillow)



1. No wacking until the horn goes off...if you wack, you get disqualified. I suggest saving your strength, you will need it.


2. No cussing or foul language. This is a family event.


3. Do I have to add this? Please be gentle while wacking the kids....


4. Guys are not allowed to hit girls! (sorry, thats my rule, so I can clobber all you boys!!!)


5. This is not the Rinn and Stimpy show, there will not be any boogers flying or holdin people down for wacking. But you are allowed to dance the Happy,Happy, Joy, Joy song as much as you want!


6. I read that this event lasts anywhere between 20min to 2 hours.


7. If you smoke, don't smoke and wack. Kindly excuse yourself from the crowd and smoke.


8. You are required to bring all your ex's for a good wacking. (Marys suggestion)


9. I would suggest taking your glasses off... and if you cant see with out them, either wack everything in sight, or get wacked. But if your wacking one of the statues, and really puttin up a fight, you will be placed on U-tube for all to enjoy!


10. If you normally wear a helmet in your everyday life, this may not be the event for you. We hold plenty of other events that consist of ice cream and rainbows.

11. If your heavily medicated, this may not be the event for you.

12. Remember boys and girls, this is fun. I know Obama just passed the new health care plan, please do not take it out on your friendly meetup friends, contact your state senater.

I will update on where we will be meeting up before the event. I want to thank Amanda Sherman for this wonderful, once in a life event. Make sure to show your thanks upon meeting her with your pillow on Sat, April 3rd at 2 pm at Marion Square! I will look forward to tossing all your cookies soon!