Volunteer your time to help beautify local parks

Image by Flickr user chesbayprogram

Attention all gardeners: there are two upcoming chances to volunteer your time to help keep Charleston's public parks looking sharp.

The parks on the docket for January are Daniel Islanand's Etiwan Park (January 20th) and downtown Charleston's Brittlebank Park (January 27th). Volunteers time at either park runs from 9 to 11 a.m.

Brittlebank Park volunteers will work with the main park entrance sign landscape and those helping at Etiwan Park will be asked to participate in garden clean up activities in this park's newest pocket garden.

If you plan on helping out, you're aksed to bring your own pruners, garden gloves and a garden bucket.

Let the Charleston Parks Conservancy know you're coming by e-mailing Paul Wentz or calling the Charleston Parks Conservancy office at (843) 724-5003.