Chef Nathalie Dupree to speak at C of C

Acclaimed chef, author, and television host Nathalie Dupree will speak at The College of Charleston on Tuesday, March 23, in Room 227 of the Addlestone Library at 6 p.m. It's free.

Here's a bit about the event from the press release:

Beverages Ain’t Just for Drinking – Nathalie Dupree, noted chef, author and television host

Tea and bourbon are more than just iconic southern beverages. They possess a rich history and are the basis for many traditional recipes such as tea creams and bourbon balls. Join Nathalie Dupree as she whips up some delightful treats using these two ingredients. Recipes will be available.

If you love Food Network or just love getting messy in the kitchen, then don’t miss this event hosted by the Friends of the Library at the College of Charleston.