'Taste trip' for $5. Spots going fast (update: Gone!)

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Guerrilla Cuisine is throwing a wallet-friendly $5 party and sharing their Miracle Fruit tabs. The catch? You stock the bar.

BUT, there's just 50 spots and there are already 25 47 confirmed guest on Facebook -- better go confirm now.

It's on Saturday, March 28, at 6 p.m. at 506 Wappoo Road.

Here's a bit about the event from their Facebook page:
this is a $5 party, but you have to stock the bar!
RSVP to this page or our e-mail we only have 50 tabs so you let me know ASAP so i can save your place in the soup line!

we also have a Democratic DJ system iphone/i touch will make the night a musical fright YES YOU R THE DJ = fun,fun,fun!!!

lets have some good clean fun with our mouths
lemon,limes,oranges,grapefruit,and lots more food items to try out

Want to know more about "Miracle Fruit?" Check out this video we did.