Movie stars Lowcountry citizen's role in Revolutionary War

Image by All for LibertyImage by 20081206-revolution.jpg

A Lowcountry produced film takes an individual focus on the Lowcountry during the Revolutionary War -- it's set to debut Monday, January 26, at 7 p.m. at the Terrace Theatre.

Here's what they say about the film:
ALL FOR LIBERTY is based on the true story of Captain Henry Felder whose determination to resist tyranny led to his long bitter fight against the British Empire during America’s War for Independence. Long lost from historical record, Felder’s stand along with other militia leaders in the backcountry of South Carolina from 1776-1780 was instrumental in diverting British troops and energies while George Washington’s army lay nearly defeated far to the north.

The film stars Felder’s direct descendent Clarence Felder, a veteran Hollywood, television and Broadway leading actor who rediscovered his ancestor’s long forgotten heroism. Backed by a supporting cast of hundreds, this vivid story focuses on the price that Captain Felder, his family and his community had to pay for their convictions.

Catch a video clip on their site.