Marsh Tacky Run revived after 40 years

As a part of Hilton Head’s 13th annual Gullah Celebration, the traditional Marsh Tacky Run (horse race) will be exhumed after 40 years in honor of Gullah culture and heritage.

Traditionally, the Gullah community assembled on the beaches during the holidays to race their swayback marsh tacky horses. And this tradition is returning to Mitchelville Beach in Hilton head on February 22nd.

Event sponsor, James Mitchell Jr., discusses the race’s significance with The Post and Courier:
Our main goal is to do different things reminiscent of the Gullah culture and the people who lived on the island.

The revival of this tradition will educate South Carolinians of Gullah heritage, and it will also be entertaining.

Read more about this event, the horses, and the history behind it at The Post and Courier.