New Year, kick the habit at the iVape eCigarette Lounge

It's a few days into the new year and people are already starting to slack off on their resolutions.  For many, that resolution is to quit cigarettes. An eCigarette might just help curb those cravings and kick the smoking habit for good.  

One local man is making it his mission to get eCigarettes in the hands of local New Year's resolution makers. An eCigarette is a smoking alternative that contains no tar, no smoke, and no tobacco and are able to be used in many places where smoking bans are in place - without secondhand smoke. 

Joe Battista started his business of selling premium eCigarettes and accessories at affordable prices out of the trunk of his car. After only a few months, Battista launched in 2010 and has since become the regional authority on all things vape. Battista started selling eCigarettes after he kicked the smoking habit using a big name eCig competitors goods, but Joe found that their prices along with most every other eCigarette distributor were over-priced and sometimes marked up at over 100% of cost.

So, Battista sought to change all that by contacting a Chinese maker of eCigarettes, telling them he was a big time buyer in the States and only wanted to test their offerings. Initially Battista wasn't pleased with the product he got from that particular Chinese manufacturer, and actually lost money due to faulty equipment. Since then has sought out only the best eCigarettes and accessories. Battista has made trips to China to talk with manufacturers, create an iVape branded eCigarette and holds his manufacturers to high standards. 

After a year of success with selling eCigs and accessories online to folks all over the world, Battista decided to open up a lounge for vapers, "There are vape conventions all over the country where people come to hang out, vape, and talk to fellow vapers." Joe goes on to tell that he has dozens of local clients who've been ordering from him online and, "wanted to give them a place to hang out."

The new iVape Lounge is more than a hang out and shop for selling their eCigarettes, there is an XBox 360 hooked up, complementary coffee, snack machines, and some cool furniture to sit in, relax, and vape an afternoon away.  The iVape Lounge is also a place for newcomers and former cigarette smokers to come and actually get hands-on training on the eCigarettes, "You buy a cheap eCig at the gas station, or at a mall kiosk, and there is no training and most of the time the people selling them don't have any idea how to use them.  So people take the product home and after a few days it breaks." Joe goes on to ensure that he'll make sure all his clients know how to care for and use any and all the products he sells. 

"I'm honest with my clients," Joe says, "I won't push them into the most expensive product, offer the cheapest, but try to steer them clear of those of lesser quality." Battista, doesn't consider himself a salesperson, or someone with customers.  He sees them as clients and wants to build a quality relationship with them. 

The iVape Lounge opened on December 15, 2011 in Longs and will be holding its Grand Opening Party on Thursday, January 5 from noon until 8 p.m. They will have giveaways where folks could walk away with free t-shirts, iVape nicotine liquids, and other eCigarette accessories. 

For more information on iVape you can find them on the web at and Facebook. Also, make sure to checkout their Grand Opening Event on Facebook

Give iVape a call at: 843-321-VAPE