Local artist Timothy Pakron's talent highlighted in documentary, upcoming exhibit

Image by Jade Sullivan Here's the documentary "drip" shot by Jade Sullivan on Super 8 film.

Timmy Pakron, a Gulfport, Mississippi native and recent graduate of the College of Charleston will have his unique artwork, which blends photography and painting together in a hauntingly beautiful way, shown during the upcoming exhibit Folklore at the Rebekah Jacob Gallery.

His recent oeuvre focuses on nonrepresentational, non-vanity portraits. Some portraits are about abstracting the face while others have religious narratives. Using the familiarity of the face as a template, his process involves hand painting the developer in the darkroom intentionally revealing certain parts of the negative.

Accompanying Pakron's exhibit will be the documentary on his creative process entitled "drip." The film, shot by Jade Sullivan, is recorded in both color and black and white Super 8 film.

Pakron had this to add about the documentary:

"This documentary is going to be a part of my upcoming exhibit at Rebekah Jacob Gallery, Sept 30th - October 3th. It will be installed as a part of the show so the viewer can experience my process directly with the work. By combining video, still photography, a light box with negatives, and painting, the show is going to be very dynamic. It will provide an interactive experience for the viewer. Sullivan's technique and artistic skill with the camera completely lends itself to revealing my creative process. It is a privilege to be able to incorporate that into the show."

The show will be featuring new works by Pakron and fellow artist, Benjamin Hollingsworth.

Rebekah Jacob, gallery owner, says:

“These two artists are significant in spearheading the contemporary art movement in Charleston. At 169 King Street, a white cube will be translated into a dynamic space. The monumental installation will evocate that young, innovative talent is working here. We are at a critical point for moving the Charleston... art scene into a more progressive phase , and I am excited to have both artists on board to launch our fall program.”

Opening Reception for Folklore will be, Thursday, September 30th, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.