The Big Mix: The first ever celebration of Southern Streetwear Culture (update with photos)

Update March 26: The Big Mix was a big success.

I had the pleasure of swinging by the event around 10:30 p.m. last night and snapped some photos of the very cool gear up for grabs. Charleston's streetwear community came out to play and here's hoping the well organized and well executed event becomes a Lowcountry staple.

Update March 18: Charleston Scene has a solid preview of The Big Mix, the participating designers and the significance of a Southern Streetwear event.

For the lover of unique t-shirts, sick nasty fitted hats and cool accessories this is a must-attend event.

The Big Mix is set to go down on March 25th from 7 to 11 p.m. at Eye Level Art's 103 Spring Street Gallery.

First reporting: We all here in our little upcoming Streetwear-Fashion-Music-Writing bubble in Charleston (which we created I might add) have been hearing about this event from the Big Man, KJ of H1gher Learning, for quite some time. Now, the details are out.

The Big Mix, in short, is the first ever celebration of Southern streetwear culture and what it encompasses and it will be held at the end of Charleston Fashion Week on March 25th. For those that don’t know, Charleston has been gaining steam for a while now with Fashion Week, which Ayoka Lucas the glamazon of Charleston Magazine, basically nursed from infancy to the strong, nationally recognized and acclaimed event that it is now considered to be. The premise of the event is simple: to cultivate an arena to help Southern streetwear brands connect with their intended target markets and the like.

I’m gonna let KJ run with it now and explain 7 things you need to know about the event so head on over for full details and why/how it came about as well as where and how to put in a vendor application for the event. They even yappin about it over on Nike Talk. Chat him up on Twitter if that is your preference, he loves shakin hands and kissing babies.

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Source: DIPT NYC

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