A rare spiritual visit from world-renowned healer Mahendra Kumar Trivedi

Broaden your consciousness and catalyze your personal growth with a sensational spiritual event at Seeking Indigo on September 25.

World-renowned healer Mahendra Kumar Trivedi will bless up to 500 people in Charleston, healing them physically, financially and emotionally. Trivedi will also offer individual private blessings at Seeking Indigo.

Otherwise known as Guruji, Trivedi has traveled from India to share his powers with people across the globe. In Charleston, he will demonstrate his Trivedi Effect through a blessing and group energy transmission. Thousands of studies collected from worldwide renowned institutions confirm the remarkable - Trivedi can actually change DNA sequences and alter matter through his thought transmissions alone.

In addition, Trivedi is fighting famine by harnessing the "energy of consciousness" to create dozens of new plant variations with superior performance, better taste, improved disease resistance and altered DNA. While superhuman may sound exaggerated, he is unlike anyone else. Despite his age, 45 years old, extensive medical exams reveal the body of someone in his early 20s, existing simultaneously in the highest state of excitement and the highest state of calm.

Admission is $20 for the lecture and group blessing on Saturday, September 25 at 7 p.m. to be held at the Physician's Auditorium on the College of Charleston campus. Purchase tickets online here. Trivedi will also offer one-on-one, private blessings to a limited group on Sunday at Seeking Indigo.

Seeking Indigo is a holistic center for inspired living and spiritual awakening, located at 445 King Street in the heart of the Upper King Renaissance District downtown.

To learn more call (843) 725-0217 or email Seeking Indigo.