Bringing Dubstep to the Lowcountry

Photo Courtesy ListenUpMB

Move over South East London, Dubstep is making a home on the Grand Strand. Or so Lowcountry Dubstep would hope. 

Even back when The Prodigy was busting into the American Top 40's, the emerging Electronic Dance Music craze of the late '90's really didn't have much effect on the local area. Sure there were the long SIN nights at House of Blues where after 3am they'd start blasting some drum and bass, but other than that and a lot of X, the movement really never caught on here. 

But, can Lowcountry Dubstep and Hollywoods be changing that? 

Local music news site, ListenUpMB checked Hollywoods out and did a little interview with Lowcountry Dubstep and we think you should check it out! 

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