Rave in the Rotunda: Mob overwhelms C of C library

Image by YouTube user manufacturconcept Image by 20081212-rave.jpg I think I spotted a bewildered staff member simply leaning on a railing. And, if you're wondering, the students are chanting "C of C ... C of C"

Updated throughout.

Decidedly denouncing exam week, College of Charleston's student body had a spontaneous "rave" at the college's Addlestone Library. Yeah, you heard right: rave at the library.

Here's what an e-mail tipster said:
College of Charleston students broke into an impromptu "rave" in the Addlestone Library tonight. It was wicked! AT least 500 kids showed. Check out their facebook videos and pictures. Who says they don't have school spirit!

The mash was inspired by a December 9th rave at UNC Chapel Hill's library, and went from 11 to 11:10 p.m. on Thursday, December 11.

A brief chat with the college's safety department revealed that they didn't drag anyone in for the stress buster. It's good to see the school can bend some.

The college's director of media relations, Mike Robertson, said the college was aware of it at least a day in advance, so they were able to prepare and that things went well. The thing Robertson was the most struck by? Many students stayed after to help clean up.

And with the abundance of school spirit shown, Robertson equated the experience more to a basketball rally than a rave.

You can get loads more pictures and videos over at the Facebook event page.

But, maybe, just maybe, it's time the students went easy on the Red Bull.

Update December 13: Here's another video that floated our way -- it shows the library transform from a quiet study environment to a screaming mass of over studied students in a minute in and a half. Crazy.