Rare Beer Tuesday explodes with 'Depth Charge'

Image by Flickr user chrys

Man the torpedoes, get there at 5, and hang on for dear life.

This Tuesday at 5pm, the beer-acle workers at Charleston Beer Exchange will be serving up growler fills of the extremely sought-after, never-to-be-seen again, espresso milk stout known as Depth Charge.

Here's the news in their own excited words:

This week we are relieved to finally be able to offer up a second chance on one of the most frequently asked for beers we have ever offered: Terrapin "Midnight Project" Depth Charge- Espresso Milk Stout! This highly unique, one time creation was a collaboration between Terrapin Beer (Athens, GA) and Left Hand Brewing (Longmont, CO) that yielded a "creamy, deeply delicious milk stout that will seduce you into submission while the explosion of hand roasted gourmet espresso will blow you into next week"! This was a one time only beer, and it is only by a small beer miracle that we have been able to secure an additional keg for a true last chance at this incredible brew! Don't miss out!

You're looking at a 98 from Ratebeer, an A- from BeerAdvocate, and for what it's worth this is the most harmonious coffee/beer hybrid ever to pass this writer's lips.

This is literally your last chance at trying this, so do yourself a favor and make an effort to grab some.  It will not last long.

The Beer Exchange is at 14 Exchange Street in downtown Charleston.

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