A firsthand account of Richard Blais performance at McCrady's

Image by Summit PushImage by 20080903blais.jpg Summit Push says: "This one was inspired by Richard's stint at the French Laundry. The pearls were basically grapefruit sorbet dippin dots."

Even if you missed Top Chef-candidate Richard Blais's night at McCrady's, you don't have to be totally in the dark, local blog Summit Push went and shares photos and perspectives of the tasty plates.

Here's how he starts off:
When we found out that Richard would be coming to town to serve as guest chef at McCrady's, we knew we had to be there!

If I had to describe it in one word, I'd use the word brilliant. I truly felt like for one night, I was Tom Colicchio (one of the Top Chef judges), as eleven delicious courses were brought out, and Richard Blais came out to explain the inspiration for each dish. Richard was very entertaining, funny, and really taught us a lot about the food we were eating. It was great to see how excited he and Sean Brock (head chef at McCrady's) were about this food.

Go read it, he also has a photo gallery from the night.

Blais, was a McCrady's guest chef on Sunday, August 31.

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