LG Ones to Watch hits the House of Blues (Update: 100 Monkeys member also film actor)

Image Courtesy: 100MonkeysMusic.com

Update 7/21: MBSun.com has a nice write-up about the headlining at for the LG Ones to Watch tour that'll be at the House of Blues this Saturday, July 23. 

One of the founding members of 100 Monkeys, Jackson Rathbone is also known for his work as Jasper Hale in the Twilight film series. Rathbone also appeared as Sokka in M. Night Shyamalan's live action version of The Last Airbender

Hop on over to MBSun.com and read the full write-up about the band and their tween-heartthrob member. 



First Report 7/5LG teamed up with House of Blues for an awesome summer tour that spotlights some great upcoming bands that'll be house hold names in the near future. 

The headliner, 100 Monkeys will hit the House of Blues stage on July 23. They will be accompanied by a favorite South Carolina band, and recent first time House of Blues performers, Death of Paris; also on stage will be Kissing Club and Bleeding Horse Express.

For ticket info hop on over to The House of Blues website. Check out an interview with 100 Monkeys below and a video shot by us from Death of Paris' opening number at The House of Blues below. 

Also buy 100 Monkeys newest album Liquid Zoo over at amazon.com and while you're there download Death of Paris'self-titled debut album.