The details are in for Spoleto 2010 (along with a new Web site)

We're just five months away from Spoleto Festival USA 2010.

As such, the festival has announced this year's performances. 

So far there's reason to be optimistic: Thomas Harrison over at ArtBeat writes that this season looks to be a good one, he also aptly notes that the city's beloved Dock Street Theatre is expected to be finished with renovations by then.

Harrison's piece is worth a read as it singles out some of this year's best performances; do so over here.

Also getting a revamp is Spoleto's Web site which is now much more functional thanks to the efforts of local shop Fuzzco.

In fact, the new performance page is a great spot to get the rundown on what we can expect this year.

The festival runs May 28 to June 13.