Local organization helps homeless students

Screen Capture of Hope House of Myrtle Beach Homeless Teens video

Hope House of Myrtle Beach is giving local students a chance to get through school and get the education they deserve. 

We all know that many families come to Myrtle Beach with hopes of getting a job and providing a life for their kids, but many don't realize that most of the work in the area is very much seasonal and layoffs are aplenty come fall.  Some families lose everything and abandon their children.

A shocking number is that 60% of homeless kids in Horry County attend Myrtle Beach High School. Another equally shocking number is 20% of Horry County residents are living in poverty

Hope House is committed to provide a safe environment for high school students who are designated homeless and are pursuing their high school diploma  WMBF news has a write-up and video on Hope House and the good they are doing.

Via Hope House's website

Every child requires and deserves a safe and nurturing environment while pursuing a full education and these children in particular understand their paths from their current situations to success is through that very education.

Hope House strives to insure a community based support system, which will give these heroic high school students in Myrtle Beach the shelter and security they need to obtain a diploma and develop their career goals. Our two major objectives are to insure that the immediate critical needs of homeless high school students are met; ie: adequate food supply, clothing, housing, transportation, tutorial services, books and other school supplies as well as medical and dental care as needed.

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