Playcard Environmental Education Center looking for re-roofing help and materials

Playcard Environmental Center on Facebook

The Playcard Environmental Education Center, an extensive of Horry County Schools, located in Loris, is working to re-roof the log cabin on the property and looking to the community for help, with both the labor and authenticity.

They put out the request for assistance on their Facebook page:

Playcard has an interesting request to put-out through the grapevine. We are in the process of re-roofing the log cabin with hand-made pioneer shingles and need a white oak tree with a straight trunk over 22" in diameter, the greener the better, to make shingles from. White oak has white scaly bark and is deciduous having no leaves this time of the year. We need to cut blocks 26" long from the trunk and split the shingles by hand. If you would like to help us re-roof the cabin or if you know of anyone that has a white oak tree available that fits this description please get in contact with Ben Abercrombie. Red oak will not suffice as it rots too quickly. White oak is the target species. One to two trees should be sufficient to shingle the remainder of the log cabin as the project is well underway. 

If you can help or want more information, contact Ben Abercrombie at or (843) 756-1277. 

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