What can TheDigitel.com do for you?

Update August 13: This page has been depreciated, though still relevant. Check out the more recent information on our about page.

Original: Want to get involved with TheDigitel.com? Here's how.

For individuals: Whether you're new to journalism, a veteran, or just someone with something to tell about Charleston, we at TheDigitel.com want to hear about it.

Send your items for publication or promotion to contact@thedigitel.com, we'll also be more than happy to link to somewhere if you already have your own Web site.

We're not currently offering monetary compensation for submissions, but we'll be more than happy to get your name and Web site plenty of exposure.

We're always looking for folks to help with analysis, events, editing, photos, and videography.

For traditional media outlets: If you are a content producer such as a newspaper, magazine, or television station, TheDigitel.com can help you reach important demographics that are falling through the cracks of your current Web strategy.

TheDigitel.com, as a Web outlet that "gets it," provides the Web integration and savviness that is demanded by young adults who grew up during the Internet revolution.

Traditional media have long had trouble reaching young adults, as their strategies primarily focus on older readers. Giant Hawk Media functions on the principle that everyone is interested in what is happening around them, whether it is breaking news, entertainment, politics, or other happenings. This applies to young adults as well as older ones, but the presentation must be adapted to fit their needs and interests.

Our focus translates into significant traffic increases for the Web sites we link to. And because we focus on a group less likely to use traditional media (or their Web sites), we bring a new audience to those Web sites.

But we're not just increasing your traffic among the 18-35 demographic, we're also expanding your presence online, by creating new links to your stories and increasing their visibility in search engines such as Google or Yahoo! TheDigitel.com's efforts to increase its own visibility will mean an increase in your visibility, as well. We are effectively marketing your content for you.

And because one of the major goals of TheDigitel.com's is to increase the interconnectivity of the Web on a local level, we always link to related content and tell readers what they stand to gain by visiting those sites. This interconnectivity provides a quick, comprehensive way to access all forms of Charleston information, and in doing so it connects readers to content they otherwise would never have found.

TheDigitel.com works to have a good relationship with all local media outlets. We know that only through working together on the local level can we achieve the goal that we've set for ourselves: a comprehensive view of the community for everyone.

If you have questions about TheDigitel.com, please feel free to get in touch with us at contact@thedigitel.com.

For businesses and services: Tell us about what you've got going on and we'll inform Charleston's masses. contact@thedigitel.com

If you have a targeted message you want to get across loud and clear, check out our sponsorship options.

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