Run a site or blog? Then check out the Open Community Member Sites

We're all about connecting the local Charleston interwebs.

We're expanding the Open Community and adding a Member Sites section that will allow small and self publishers* to get their sites and creations more exposure and visitors.

(*We're thinking of a pretty wide net of publications from traditional publication sites to bloggers to photographers, and even to those on Flickr, Wordpress, Tumblr, and so on.)

The general idea is that you have great content and we have eyeballs coming to, but we don’t have enough time to talk about all your great posts. What we’re doing here helps by advertising your site through our Member Sites directory and automatically pulling in small excerpts of each of your posts with links to your site for the full post — see it in action over here.

This will also make it easier for us to fulfill our mission to spot the best of the best local content and promote it. Where appropriate we'll channel these automatically created blurbs to TheDigitel’s front page where we can channel your site even more of our 25,000+ readers.

We know you have questions, so here’s our attempt to tackle a few:

Who can join and how do I?
Anyone writing about or in the Charleston area is welcome. Get set up by dropping us an e-mail at with a sentence about your site, you, and your site address — if you have a photo of yourself, send that too. You’ll also need an RSS feed or ATOM feed, but if you don’t know what that is, don’t sweat it.

What exactly are you going to do with my content?
Here’s the deal, we’re not looking to pilfer your creations but rather find a mechanical-human hybrid way of finding the best content in teasing it. We’ll always post a sample of your work and actively incentivize the reader to go over to your blog.

Can I get money for this?
Yes! We’re happy to support your efforts by extending our advertising network to your pages. If you’re interested, just let us know in your request to join.

Is it free?

Can you blather a bit more about why this awesome?
Well, if you insist. This is a great way to not only get your work more exposure but help TheDigitel get better and more efficient at finding and promoting the best content. Not only that but it helps Charleston’s virtual community be more of real community online.

Plus it’s great for your SEO efforts …

More Qs?
Message us at or @TheDigitel on Twitter.

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