Authorities raid Goose Creek pawn shop harboring $100,000 in stolen goods

Image by Flickr user Storeyland

A little pawnshop in Goose Creek was raided by the authorities on Wednesday afternoon after it was tagged as the home-base of a state-wide shoplifting network.

Mr. Flap's Pawn Shop, located at 115 N. Goose Creek Boulevard, reportedly had taken in over $100,000 in stolen merchandise. Shoplifters from across the state were recruited to steal items on a list and bring them into the shop to be resold. A multi-agency investigation on the operation began back in January.

The shop owner's daughter, Felicia Sanders Smith, was arrested at her home and charged with receiving more than $10,000 in stolen goods. Additionally, warrants are being prepared for at least a half-dozen others suspected of shoplifting.

The Post and Courier has a solid article on yesterday's raid with photos, maps and more; read it here.

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