Measure Twice but Cut Once

Carpentry 101: Measure Twice but Cut Once

Sometimes when you write as often as I do, you feel like you are going to change the world with your words. And then as soon as you hit publish....CRICKETS. Other times, you think your words should have been trashed and somehow that gets more attention than you ever imagined.

Still other times, you get called out for one thing or another. This week I've been sloppy with my editing (I really hope I edited this well enough to talk about it) and the comments I've received brought me down a peg or two. Since Wednesday was a rushed morning, I decided to resist hitting "Publish" and wait another day until I could properly edit and proofread my work.

We often run through work fast, forgetting to double check and quality suffers. Measure twice but cut once is a carpentry adage that we can all learn from.

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