City of Conway not interested in helping Carolina Forest water customers

Flickr user Matt Trudeau

Even though Carolina Forest remains in unincorporated Horry County, there's a portion of residents that use City of Conway water and sewer.  The City of Conway charges "non-resident" rates to customers outside the city limits which are double what a city resident resident pays. 

The Carolina Forest Civic Association has been in talks with city officials since November about resolving the issue for over 3,000 Carolina Forest customers. The Carolina Forest Chronicle reported more details here. The hopes were the City of Conway would come to some solution at their annual budget retreat earlier this month. However, the Carolina Forest Chronicle reports that the solution the City of Conway has settled on is doing nothing at all.

The irony here is they are citing fear of repercussion in fairness laws that would somehow force City of Conway residents to eat the difference in any cuts made to out-of-area customers. But there was no discussion of creating a special rate district for Carolina Forest residents which would seem fair since those customers don't benefit from City of Conway services like police, fire, or public works. 

If anything new develops with this story, the Carolina Forest Chronicle would be your best bet for coverage.