Georgetown Restaurateur Fighting for Live Music (update: heated meeting)

Photo Courtesy: Myrtle Beach Restaurant News

Update 7/21 (heated meeting): As planned, Georgetown City Council did meet last night and discussed the Backstage Cafe.

Council is exploring the idea of a noise ordinance but they are trying to be careful that they aren't just creating more headaches in the future. As usual, The Sun News has more details on the Backstage issue. The Georgetown Times also reports that City is considering laws that will make "disruptive conduct" during council meetings a criminal offense. Read that here.


Update 7/18 (council action): Georgetown residents and Backstage Cafe have been unable to resolve their conflict.

Complaints have persisted. Georgetown City Council have put it on their agenda to discuss what should be done. The Sun News has the details. Read them here.

Update 6/10 (more information): The Sun News has their own write-up from Georgetown beat reporter Gina Vasselli. Read it here. 

Here is the video in question. 

First Report by Becky Billingsley 6/9: As a Georgetown restaurant owner fights city hall to keep dishing live music at his Front Street restaurant, he and neighboring business owners are becoming increasingly frustrated with city council members who act against them.

"...when a city councilwoman calls the cops on you, that's so wrong on so many levels. She is supposed to be supporting local businesses, and music is my business," says Brad Freeman, owner of Backstage Cafe.

Freeman caught a councilmember on video saying a vote against her is a vote for an all-black council. 

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