Eden Boheme boutique opens its doors on Lower King Street

Image by Eden BohemeImage by 20090526-eden.jpg

Chic new clothing and furnishing boutique, Eden Boheme, is now open on Lower King Street.

Owned by Lucinda Eden and Anna Boheme, Eden Boheme is also the name for the owner's line of clothing. 

The City Paper recently wrote about the store's opening and has a few photos to share. -- And check out Eden Boheme's blog for new shipments and events.

The store is at 194 King Street.  

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Really nice looking place.

Really nice looking place. For sure most women in the area have it already on their shopping radar. Relaxing and chic, this is how a boutique for women should look like. There is nothing one could change in this image to make it more perfect. Do they keep in touch with an online womens boutique for the merchandise? Individual small producers and designers could find a great niche in this business format.