South Carolina Warriors sold to local investors

Photo by TheDigitel Myrtle Beach
Former Warriors owner Tony Bennett (pictured left) felt the Warriors needed local ownership to thrive.

Update February 25, 2012:  The Warriors, who have six regular-season games left including four at home, have been told that the team will be a host for the first round of the ABA playoffs, which is on the weekend of March 17, 2012, according to Warriors coach Chris Beard.

Statistically, the South Carolina Warriors couldn't have asked for a better year. However, success on the court does not necessarily guarantee a sustainable business operation.

Until now, the South Carolina Warriors have been owned and operated by Indiana-based Tony Bennett through two different companies. In a casual conversation during a game, Carolina Forest business owner Jason Warren started talking to Bennett about the challenges of running the Warriors remotely. Shortly after, the process to transfer ownership began. The Sun News has more details about the transaction and what the new owners intend to do to help keep the franchise alive. Read more here.

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