Real estate firm's billboard causes a stir

Image by Montage of picture by Twitter user "Shemanski"Image by 20090124-rehava.jpg Progress of the billboard on December 29, January 12, and January 21.

If you were perplexed by this "dollar" billboard on I-26, you were not alone.

As you likely now know, it was Rehava's effort to grab would-be home buyers (and sellers) attention. And if you are a user of the micro-blogging service Twitter, you've likely already heard about it.

Here's what Rehava had to say about it in an e-mailed press release:
Such a campaign hit Charleston, South Carolina, on January 1, 2009, when the city got flooded with mysterious dollar billboards. Speculations started immediately. Who is behind the dollar billboard campaign; is it McDonald’s Dollar Menu or maybe Geico? Many guesses were off, yet some guessed correctly. The clever campaign was introduced by rēhava-real estate store that is slashing its commission in half, rewarding its buyers by giving 50% of its commission back at closing. Rēhava has already awarded over $80,000 in rewards.

So, there you have it: Pretty effective marketing, seeing as it got this write-up. Hat's off to you Rehava.

Head over to their Web site to learn more about them.