Mount Pleasant's Westbrook Brewing nearing opening day; Here's details on what and when (update: video)

Image by Timmons Pettigrew Their three launch varieties: A Belgian-style wheat (5% ABV), Belgian pale (5.2% ABV), and an IPA (6.8%.)

Updates at the bottom.

It's been about seven months since word really started to spread about a new brewery coming to the Charleston area.

The hope is that in less than another month the Mount Pleasant-based Westbrook Brewing will be sending kegs out -- and in another couple be bottling and doing tastings of their three initial styles. 

The Post and Courier chatted up the brewers and has a nice profile of who's behind the those shiny new tanks and what they'll be offering when; take a read here.

Update November 30: ABC News 4 made a trip out to the nearly finished brewery and has a video interview with the two employees, founder Edward Westbrook and head brewer Smith Mathews. The video is perhaps most interesting for its glimpse inside the brewery's setup; take a watch here.

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