Anna Davis on being a model

We asked six models to answer a few questions about who they are an how that shapes thier experiences at Charleston Fashion Week. Here are Anna Davis' thoughts. -- We'll be updating these throughout the week, so keep checking back.

My favorite fashion trend for summer 2009 and what I'm rocking now

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The hippie chic thing is right up my alley! So this summer, if you run into me on the street its very possible I will have a flower in my hair with a crazy retro dress on! I so wish I could have been there for the real thing!

What is my favorite fashion accessory that I am rockin’ right now? Easy! My vintage gold and rhinestone Chanel broach! It’s missing a stone and is cracked on one side… I love the fact that it had another life before I got my hands on it!

A favorite wardrobe inspiration

My fashion wardrobe is influenced by the crazy members of my family. Oh man, I’m gonna have to say it ranges from my mom in the 70s to my funky cousin Liz! I try to wear things that make me feel spunky and sexy! I love the high wasted bell-bottom jeans with the fitted button up blouse look! Hot!

I love, love, love the 40’s and 50’s look! How awesome would it be to wear a formal full length gown every time you eat diner? And go to balls?!! During this era people used to have a different outfit for every meal/cocktail hour! Rhinestone city! YES

A favorite fashion experience from the past

My first professional photo shoot was in Brooklyn at the photographers house. I was 19 and scared and there were four others girls there, and one was doing a shoot for Juicy Couture! Then there was me, the sweet southern newbie from Sumter South Carolina. I had no idea that I was about to be thrown to the wolves! Of course I had no idea what I was doing, either and the photographer let me know that he did not have time for it! He cussed me out left and right and then he actually threw a camera at the wall when I couldn’t get a pose right! The experience taught me a lot, and helped me gain more confidence. In retrospect, I’d like to quote Britney Spears “Oops…I did it again” when I say I am stronger than yesterday!!


Some words of wisdom for aspiring CFW models

For models that are interested in CFW 2010, I have some words of advice: Keep it real man! Don’t let the “industrusty” get to ya! Choosing to be apart of the fashion world is not a easy route. People usually think its all champagne and pretty people, but it’s important to sustain a good head on your shoulders when you’re dealing with a job that can be 90% rejection. Always have faith in who you are as a person and you will be sure to be successful in life!

I was blessed to grace the back cover of SKIRT magazine for the month of March! Yay! That was really exciting. Also this year I’m participating in the Tommy Bahama Fashion show being held at The Roof Top Bar at Vendue Inn. I will also be modeling for the Mary Porter House of Couture show for Lowcountry Live!

On designers, preparation, and getting amped

Plus there are soooo many videos on the internet now of past shows, which is a great place to pick up some new tricks.

When people ask me who my favorite fashion designer is, I tell them Anna Sui! Not only do we share the same name, but a love for vibrant colors! I was blessed enough to attend one of her 2007 runway shows! The eclectic colored fabrics and punk rock music blew my mind!

The hype for Charleston Fashion Week 2009 is crazy this year! So, I must admit there is a little extra pressure to strut my stuff extra well! I have a long hallway in my apartment with a full length mirror at the end. I have been using it as my very own little runway! Practice makes perfect. Plus there are soooo many videos on the internet now of past shows, which is a great place to pick up some new tricks.

And don’t roll your eyes – I will admit that as I get ready for CFW, I am walking around and dancing to the beat of Britney Spears. Yep, that’s me!

About my experiences at model rehearsals and in-store fittings

Practice makes perfect, and the vibe being amongst other models really gets you in the right mindset.

Getting ready for CFW09 this year turned pretty hectic for me. For the first mandatory rehearsal, I was stuck in the hospital!! Haha! I had freakin’ tonsillitis! But no worries, I’ve recovered and I am healthy as can be now! :o) The rehearsals are such a fun and important part of the whole event. Practice makes perfect, and the vibe being amongst other models really gets you in the right mindset.

Dress rehearsals are part of the excitement. I had the most amazing time at the Emily Bargeron fitting! I would have never thought this was her first fashion show! She was so organized and had all of her garments finished and assigned to each model!! The fact that she supplied champagne for all of use models that were over 21 didn’t hurt either! Lol - I love her!


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