Thursday night at the shows: CFW night three

Image by TheDigitel

Thursday night started with a rather subdued performance from Emily Hearn. Admittedly, it wasn’t the kind of performance I was expecting to kick off such a high-energy event.

On the retail side of things, V2V, Palm Avenue, and Hampden Clothing all showcased their wares with Hampden coming out as the clear crowd favorite. Albeit, V2V had some of the most practical pieces in their collection, something about Hampden’s looks seeming to immediately transport you back to a chic Parisian bistro in the 1950s

After a brief break, the next wave of Emerging Designer semifinalists took to the runway. Eleanor Morgan Hoffman took a “vintage and velvet” approach that was half-Noir film era and half-Mary Porter. Her collection was old school and demure, yet it still had a relevancy that I could see being of some use in a future period film.

Next, Cavortress’s Julie Wheat wowed the crowd with her imaginative bathing suit collection that had all the inspiration of a Betty Boop cartoon. Granted, her collection wasn’t exclusively swimwear, but in the grand scheme of things, they were her overall strong suit in comparison to the rest of her line.

Sasha Gil, designer and Sheila E. reincarnate, showcased a collection that featured aggressive lines and fabrics that I could definitely see Rhianna wearing in her next music video, but there was something else: A few of her pieces looked a lot like the Mychael Knight Carte Blanche collection from last year’s CFW. I’m not exactly sure if it was a nod to his creations or not, but the similarities were almost too much to ignore.

Probably the best show of the night went to designer Mike Weirnicki and his almost hipster-like approach to contemporary style. Honestly, it was the only collection that really got everyone’s attention. Sequins, sky-high shoulders, and glyph-like patterns all helped in Mike becoming both the Peoples’ Choice and finalist for the night’s events.

The night then ebbed when featured designers Hunter Dixon rounded out the night with their literally larger-than-life collection that screamed Park Avenue picnic. Muted colors and modest shapes were their M.O. for the evening, which served as a great send-off into the night for event-goers.

Who knows what Friday will have in store for us? There’s a lot of buzz going around for Emerging Designer contestants, La’Daska Powell and Isabel Crosby. Only time will tell, though.

See you under the tents.

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